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Interested in BUYING a Property?

We are a company that specializes in purchasing properties from motivated sellers in order to wholesale them to rehab investors and landlords.  Optimum Deal is owned and managed by OB Ajayi.

Whether you are looking for a home in which you can live or a property for investments, this is the best place to be. Why? Because we guarantee each and every deal to be a win-win for everyone. 

Optimum Deal invests in residential real estates by purchasing distressed properties below fair market value. 

Our strategy is based solely on making sure the profit is made at the time of purchase and not on speculative appreciation months or years down the road.   

Are you Wholesaling?

‚ÄčOptimum Deal has a huge network of Real Estate Investors who are regularly buying properties and are still looking to work with those can provide them with optimum deals. By wholesaling, we mean, deals our investors can purchase at real discounts on properties that need repairs or have problems that make them inhabitable. Not discounts based on speculations.

We are constantly looking for properties that no one wants, the rejected ones, the good ones, the bad and even the ugly ones. As we get these deals, we sell as is on several occasions immediately to other investors without doing the needed repairs.

Whether you are a veteran wholesaler or newbie, or you are interested but have never heard of this before. Contact us and we will help you. We believe the best group of real estate investor is as good as the people in their team; when you are successful, we are successful. Again, win-win situation.

So make it happen TODAY, no excuses.

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