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Seller's Corner

Have a property to sell? We'll be glad to hear or read from you today and have your cash ready for you in 2 days depending on the complexity involved.

No fees. No Repairs. No Agents. No Hassles. No Obligations. 

Just adopt our simple "FIVE Steps REI" process:

Find ~ Figure ~ Fund ~ Fix ~ Flip/Funnel

Upon locating a property that meets our criteria, we will immediately market it to our Buyers on our list in order for us to have an investor already to buy the property before we even close with our seller. 

We have developed our buyers list by networking with rehab investors, landlords, other wholesalers and owner occupants looking for fixer-upper or move-in ready type of homes.

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To help us better serve you, we ask that you fill the form to get your own Free Cash Offer as soon as possible. In the memo field, comment on your property address, phone, and why you are selling. To start, click here.

We will close on your property ourselves with intent to rehab it to a resale buyer. While in some other cases, we would close on the property, rehab it, with the goal to rent or lease the property as a long-term investment drawing positive cash flow, or until we find a resale buyer.

It is our goal to establish a good name very quickly so that deals will continue to come to us through other investors, individuals and realtors in the industry. 

Our process is very simple. This is how it works: 

Call us today at (817) 952-9091